We recently updated the website of New York City (Upper West Side to be precise) clinical psychologist and divorce mediator Kristin Davin. Hers was a curious hybrid. The site previously was segmented in two. The “static”, or less frequently changing, portion of the site was developed using PHP. The blog section was a WordPress installation. So in effect, she had two separate websites operating as one. The blog section had grown so (Kristin is an avid blogger, and should be commended for that!) that it perhaps became the tail that swallowed the dog.

The problem was twofold. First, the blog and PHP sections looked similar but not the same, which is a branding no-no. We don’t want similarity with branding, we want consistency, so that the user gets the same look and feel wherever s/he may find content. Second, while the WordPress portion, being WordPress, was easy to edit, the PHP section was a PAIN (by comparison) to edit and requires, albeit limited, coding skills. Most people don’t have and/or don’t want the coding skills necessary to modify a PHP website. Note that I said it was the “less frequently changing” portion of the site. It nevertheless needed to be changed on occasion and Kristin, because she focuses on her work and not on coding, was essentially compelled to turn to a developer to make the changes.

That’s all changed. The website is now entirely WordPress. Kristin can make changes to her heart’s content, with relative ease, anywhere on the site, using WordPress.  Furthermore, the site looks identical, and not just similar, no matter where you are. It’s clear that it is all one integral website.

It should go without saying that the site is mobile friendly, handsome, easy to navigate, and fully functional. Social media and social sharing, along with email newsletter subscription, are fully integrated. We provide these attributes for just about every client (a couple of these offsite services are optional), but it was particularly nice to do this for Kristin, who is so great to work with. Check out her refreshed site at kristindavin.com.

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