Website and online presence audit

Is your website working for you as it should?
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Another prospective client whispers their secret business plans to us.

Is your online presence up to snuff? Let us help you to figure that out and, if not, why not.

We offer two flavors of audit. A “down and dirty” one for only $9, and a much more detailed one for $149. There’s no obligation either way, but we guarantee in each case that we’ll find ways you can improve your online presence.

In the $9 Audit we take a look at your website using state-of-the art tools. We’ll review the information and provide get back to you promptly with a report about what you’re doing well on your website and what you could do better to help your website perform better for you. It’s guaranteed to have tips for improvement — improvements that can help get your website get found or enhance the visitor experience. 

In the $149 Audit we will engage in a thorough review of your website and the rest of your online presence. We’ll also talk with you a half hour minutes about the results of our review and your online goals, providing you with insight, in easy-to-understand layman’s terms, on how to enhance your online presence.

Pick which audit is right for you in the form below. 

Let’s get started on getting your online presence more up to speed!


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