Frequent Support Questions

Are you experiencing problems with your GoatCloud services? Please review some frequent questions below.

My Website Isn't Loading!

Please check GoatCloud hosting status here: In many instances, outages last only seconds and can involve any item of software or hardware between your keyboard or phone and the server on which your website is hosted.

If you are receiving a message that you need to contact your host, your account may be suspended; please contact us promptly.

Checking Business Email; Business Email Setup

To login and check business email via webmail, visit

Inbound Servers: (highlighted secure settings recommended)

Type                                                      Server Address                                 Port

POP Server (SSL)                                          995

IMAP Server (SSL)                                       993

If the device you’re trying to setup is requesting an outgoing or SMTP server, you should use the settings below. We strongly recommend using SMTP (SSL) whenever possible.

Please note: Our SMTP servers require authentication. Which means you need to enter username and password to send through our network. We do not allow unauthenticated open relays to send through our servers. If your device does not support SMTP Authentication, you will not be able to use our settings. Please consult with the device manufacturer on whether your device supports SMTP authentication.

Outgoing Servers:

Type                                                      Server Address                                 Port

SMTP Server (SSL)                                       465

SMTP Server (Non-SSL)                               25, 587, 8025, 2525


More Questions?

You can find more articles specific to business email at for things like setting up Outlook, iPhones and Android phones, etc. Login with your full email address (e.g., [email protected]) and password.

Please note that “business email” is a different and much more robust service from standard email hosting, which GoatCloud is phasing out and no longer offers to new customers.


Questions about the Divi Theme

Many GoatCloud-created websites make use of the Divi theme by Elegant Themes. Elegant Themes produces a wealth of documentation specific to the theme, including how to use different design modules. Check out their ample resources here:

Questions about the Bloom or Monarch plugins

Many GoatCloud-created websites make use of the Bloom and/or Monarch plugins by Elegant Themes. Elegant Themes produces a wealth of documentation specific to the plugins. Check out their ample resources here:

Problem still not solved? Send an email to [email protected] or call us at 518-557-7613.

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