We have been approached by multiple potential clients who have been burned by unskilled or unscrupulous web developers who have promised the moon and delivered quite a bit less.

We like to put clients at ease and let them know what to expect from our services.

To that end, we have adopted for ourselves the following

Web Developer Code of Conduct and Ethics

  1. We shall maintain open lines of communication with our clients.
  2. We shall take the time to explain our work to our clients. Jargon will be avoided or explained in layperson’s terms.
  3. We shall be frank with our clients. If they suggest an undertaking that we know or believe to be frivolous, harmful or without merit, we will articulate our professional reasoning for considering their idea problematic.
  4. We shall respond promptly to client inquiries.
  5. We shall not divulge client confidential information to others, or seek to benefit, or allow others to benefit, from client confidential information.
  6. We shall charge reasonable prices for our work. Our fee structure shall be provided to our clients in advance.
  7. We shall not promise to do work we cannot, or do not know how to, accomplish. If a task requires the assistance of a third party, we will inform the client. If a third party is used, we will still be responsible for ensuring that any work for our clients is done in a professional and workmanlike manner.
  8. If we anticipate a  delay in the work we are to complete for our client, we shall inform our clients  as far in advance as possible.
  9. Unless otherwise agreed, our client will own and have full access to the online assets and accounts we help to create on their behalf (such as domain names, email accounts, social media accounts and the like).

By adopting this code, we hope to assure our clients that they will receive quality, affordable services from us, and that we will maintain good communications with them every step of the way.

We don’t pretend to have answers for everyone. This code works for us. What additional provisions do you think should be in a web developer code of conduct?

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