We are pleased to release our first ever commercial starring none other than Lena the Goat from Indian Ladder Farms. The video demonstrates succinctly that we help all of our clients to communicate better. Do we speak your language (even if it’s goat)? Yes, we do!

We are grateful to the fine people (and animals) of Indian Ladder Farms in Altamont, NY, for being so generous to us and allowing us to film on site while they were preparing for their spring opening. If you are looking for a great farm to visit with the family, then look no further. You can also find and friend ILF on Facebook.

We are also grateful to videographer John Murphy. Based in Ballston Lake, NY, John was the epitome of customer helpfulness and attention. He won’t have found a much more demanding client, or one requiring him to step in as much manure, and he handled us with aplomb. Thank you, John.

And of course while we thank ILF and John, our thanks do not necessarily connote their endorsement. Any problems or shortcomings are our own responsibility.

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