WordPress Website Maintenance

Let us ensure your site is safe, backed up and up to date

ice-mittensWhat if for only about $18 a month you could stop worrying about your WordPress website and focus solely on your business?

As robust as they are, websites can be fragile, too. Rest assured that when you put your website in our hands we will keep it operating smoothly so that you can focus on your work.

We keep your WordPress website software up to date.

A WordPress website (just like most websites these days) is made up of multiple pieces of software. First there’s the core WordPress software. Then there’s the theme, which provides the site its look and feel. Then there are all the plugins, each a little piece of software that provides additional functionality or beauty or both to the site. Even small sites without a lot of pages or posts may have ten or more different software elements, each of which will be updated by its respective developer any number of times in a year. All this software needs to be kept up to date. Why? Because outdated software not only can diminish the user experience, but it also opens the door for your site to be hacked. So please, even if you don’t hire us, make sure your site software is kept up to date.

We backup your website to minimize potential downtime.

Websites can fail. We will make sure that your website is backed up regularly so, in the event of a problem, we can get your site back up and running in short order. We keep a number of backups so that if your site is hacked, we can ideally find a clean version of the site to restore.

We optimize your database to keep your site running fast.

Well that’s a bit of jargon, isn’t it? WordPress uses a complex database to manage all the content on your site. We keep that database optimized to make sure your site loads as quickly as possible for visitors. We also deploy other site enhancements to help your site load quickly.

We keep the bad guys out.

Because WordPress is the most popular web design software, bad guys and gals –and their bot minions– are always trying to exploit software weaknesses, and the good guys and gals are always trying to keep them from doing so. Letting the software go stale invites potential problems. Really it’s not unlike Apple or Microsoft or Google or Adobe or any other software developer always updating their software. It’s a must, and we take of that for you. No solution is failsafe, but we will greatly reduce the risk to you of a hack.

We make helpful suggestions.

When we start work on your WordPress site, we will make suggestions about steps you can take to make your site faster, more secure and to otherwise provide a better experience to your visitors. We troubleshoot before there’s trouble!

We offer affordable WordPress maintenance services.

For only about $18 a month (only $219 per year billed annually (discounted from regular price of $240/yr if billed monthly) for most sites — ask us about pricing for larger, e-commerce or otherwise more complex sites), we will keep your WordPress website up to date, even when you host it elsewhere. You, meanwhile, can rest assured that your site is being backed up, has all the current software deployed, and is otherwise in tip top shape. And with that peace of mind, you can keep a clear focus on your business.

Contact us today about our affordable webmaster and WordPress website maintenance services.

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Or give us a call at 518-557-7613 to let us know how we can help you to keep your website current and allow you to stay focused on your business.


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