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I'm a communications professional who loves technology and a technologist who loves communication.

cliff-rohde-head-shotThe principal and owner of GoatCloud Communications is Cliff Rohde. Cliff has considerable communications, technology, and advocacy experience in the for-profit and non-profit worlds.

Since the late 1980s Cliff has been deploying communications technology (Anyone remember 300 baud modems? Nah, didn’t think so.), using technology for marketing and communications, and following communications policy and technology developments to advance the interests of his clients and the organizations for which he has worked.

He designed his first website in 1995 and his first WordPress website in the mid-2000s. Sometimes Cliff does this technology stuff just for fun.  Ask his children, who are sad not to have unfettered Internet access. He’s always been his office’s and mother-in-law’s “go to” guy to analyze communications and technology problems and develop solutions. Cliff is a “recovering” attorney, having formally retired from the practice of law to commit undivided professional attention to GoatCloud’s clients and customers.

A believer in “teaching a person to fish”, numerous times throughout the year Cliff presents at conferences, teaching participants how to have a successful, meaningful online presence.

Cliff moved to New York’s Capital District from the Washington, D.C. area in 2005. He lives with his wife and children but, alas, no goats. It’s against the town code. As an entrepreneur and small business owner, Cliff practices what he preaches. Much of the communications technology and techniques he deploys for others he also uses himself.

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