We recently completed a completely revamped website for Peace Project, Inc. (PPINC), a New York City-based non-profit focused on peace education.

PPINC had an underdeveloped hodge podge of a website. Two separate websites contained information about the organization on the one hand, and its resource center on the other. The websites had not been developed fully, nor had they been developed with mobile browsing in mind.

peace project inc screen grabPPINC’s new website combines all information into one site (and we greatly expanded it as well). It is responsive, meaning it responds to screens of all sizes, including smartphones and tablets, and so is “mobile friendly”. In 2015, you simply have to have a mobile friendly website.

We are also helping PPINC with its social media presence, and otherwise to make its online presence more robust. Among other things, we:

  • Helped PPINC to create a Google Apps for Nonprofits account;
  • Customized an off-the-shelf theme substantially to give the site the look and feel the organization was after;
  • Assisted with messaging language and graphical work;
  • Set up Instagram, Google+ and YouTube accounts;
  • Established a Mailchimp account that the organization intends to use for communications and email marketing;
  • Linked the organization’s PayPal account to donate functionality on the site.
  • And who knows, free (via Google AdWords) pay per click advertising may be in the future).

Please go visit the Peace Project, Inc. today!