We recently wrote about remembering not to forget your online presence when you do something noteworthy offline in the real world. Your online and real world efforts should harmonize. Today, near the start of the holiday season, we’re writing about not forgetting your good friends and contacts.

We recently presented with Sarah Gold, a NY attorney focusing on small business issues, a continuing legal education (CLE) course for the Albany County Bar Association. Thank you Dan Coffey, for hosting the event at your firm. The course focused on best practices for attorneys looking to establish an online presence.

One of the audience members was a local attorney and entrepreneur who we secretly admired for his marketing chops. (It’s not so secret any more as we told him that day.) If you are a lawyer in New York’s Capital Region, chances are you’ve heard of John Fisher. He expertly makes use of direct mail and Internet advertising to promote his legal practice. He even wrote a book about how he does it, The Power of a System, which he sent to us without our even asking. So, is this product placement? Yes. Did John ask for it? No.

And therein lies the karmic message. John knows (though we haven’t talked about it) that when people (customers or clients let’s say) do something nice for you, especially if unprompted, it is rewarding to reward them. Maybe they sent a referral your way. Maybe they are just a great client. Maybe they are a neighbor who took out your garbage. Well, send them a handwritten thank you. Give them a gift card to the local coffee shop or book store. Or give them a shout out in your newsletter. Tell them “thank you”. Whatever is at your disposal, find a mechanism to let that person know that you received and appreciated whatever it is they did for you. That is a stand alone reward to you. And that person just may remember you favorably, which isn’t so bad, either.

During these days, when we see so much bleak news being reported, we hope you find time to do something good for another person. Don’t expect anything in return. I would guess that you and they will be happier for it, and more good karma will be generated, which we all could use. We certainly wish you safe, warm holidays and a happy and rewarding 2015.

Image source: This handsome Swedish Christmas Goat  (due to be incinerated. Sorry!) is from Wikimedia/Wikipedia used with Creative Commons License. Click here to learn all about it.

What did we miss? What are good ways to show your gratitude to clients and customers?

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