Friday, January 31, 2014, at 12 noon Eastern.

Topic: What it means to have a successful local online presence. Most small business focuses on the local market. Learn how, especially via maximizing the use of online business directories, to ensure that your website and online presence are found locally.

Outline: Local Online Search, local online marketing, local online presence

  1. Why do we care about local? WWW is global after all.
  2. What is it? What do we mean by local online presence?
  3. Online tactics
    1. On site
      1. Make sure site works well on mobile devices – is responsive. Some 60% of local search is on mobile devices. Doesn’t mean a person is moving.
      2. Make sure contact info is easy to find
      3. Make sure you use meta tags to describe contact information so search engines know you are local
    2. Off site but still online
      1. Google+ local business page
      2. Other local business directories (Bing Business, Yelp, Angie’s List, Foursquare, visit for a decent list
      3. Ask for, monitor, respond to online reviews
      4. Presence on industry-specific websites and directories
      5. Post on local event calendars
      6. Advertising
        1. Free: Craigslist
        2. Paid: PPC advertising
  4. Offline tactics
    1. Have a local business address and local phone number.
    2. Be a speaker at local events and talk about what you do. Be strategic
    3. Join your local alumni association
    4. Sponsor local events
    5. Attend events and just talk to people – network
    6. Advertise (with links back to website)
      1. Newspapers, radio and TV
      2. Placemats on diners
      3. Sponsors a little league team and get your banner up
  5. Monitor results
    1. What works, what doesn’t?
    2. Adjust accordingly


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