We now offer an incredibly affordable service aimed at those who need a website up and need it up now, but aren’t yet worried about filling it up with a lot of great content.


A kid with a kid!

This might be called a “placemarker” website, or a “starter” site (We call it “The Kid” – click here to compare with our other offerings). The Kid is a 1-2 page site that provides visitors with basic information about your business or services and contact information.

Because it’s a WordPress site, it’s ready for growth and further development when you are. You will be able to add, when you choose, a blog, or social media integration, email newsletters, video, and all the rest. But only when you’re ready.

We’ll make sure that the site is secure and performs well, and looks good on mobile devices. All this for only $149.

You’ll do the rest, or maybe you’ll ask us to do it, but only when you’re ready!

And, if you combine it with our basic annual hosting package (normally $79 per year) we’ll give you a special deal for your first year of hosting. You’ll be up and running with a basic online presence, all for just $199.

Yes, you read that right. WordPress website and one year of hosting for only $199!

So what are you waiting for? Complete and submit the form below and we will respond promptly. Thank you!

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