Is your company listed on LinkedIn? It should be!

We’re not meaning whether you indicate in your personal profile that you worked or are working at a particular company. We mean that LinkedIn allows you to have a separate entry, a company profile, for businesses of any size. And you ought to take advantage of that.

Why would you want to do that? It’s another avenue to give credibility to your business and to enable people to find it.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Log into LinkedIn with your personal account information.
  2. Go to “Companies” link.
  3. Click on “Add a Company”.
  4. Verify that you’re allowed to add the company as a bona fide company representative.
  5. Step through the process of providing relevant information, including blurbs and logos, about your company.
  6. Later, if you like, you can set up multiple administrators.
  7. Encourage staff to indicate on their own personal pages that they work at the Company.
  8. Voila! Your company is ready to receive LinkedIn love.

The first steps are shown graphically below. Click on the image to make it bigger. Remember that LinkedIn may change their look at some point.


Find “Companies” link.







Find “Add a Company” link







Verify you’re allowed to add company.

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