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Keep image file size small

Don't use huge image files on your website. Both visitors and search engines alike prefer fast websites, and large images take too long time to load. Daily #SEO #GoatMOJO

Hyphenate image file names

Use hyphens to separate words when giving an image a file name. "blue-widget.jpg" not "bluewidget.jpg" or "blue_widget.jpg". Search engines still need words to describe what's in an image and hyphens distinguish words well. |  | #GoatMOJO

Image file names

SEO Daily: Give images an #SEO relevant file name prior to uploading them to your site. "IMG096.jpg" straight from your digital camera is not relevant. "crimson-red-blooming-rose.jpg" is relevant, at least if that's the subject of your photo. | #GoatMOJO

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