Drupal to WordPress Conversion for Buckingham Pond Conservancy

Jul 13, 2023 | Portfolio


Successfully converted Buckingham Pond Conservancy's website from Drupal to WordPress with a new design, mobile-friendliness, and seamless CiviCRM integration.

We recently completed a comprehensive website conversion project for the Buckingham Pond Conservancy, a local membership-based organization in Albany, NY. Their new website can be found at Buckingham Pond Conservancy. The primary goal was to transition from Drupal to WordPress while enhancing the site’s look, functionality and ease of use.

Project Highlights

  • Conversion from Drupal to WordPress: Successfully transitioned the website from Drupal to the more user-friendly WordPress platform.
  • Mobile Friendly: Ensured the site is fully responsive, providing an optimal experience on all devices.
  • Divi Page Builder Theme: Utilized the Divi theme to create a visually appealing and easily customizable site.
  • Brand New Look: The new site is much more colorful and fun to browse.
  • Integration with CiviCRM: Continued integration with CiviCRM for seamless membership management, donations, and newsletter distribution.

Our Approach

Our team began by understanding the unique requirements of the Buckingham Pond Conservancy. The aim was to keep the site’s original charm intact while upgrading its technology and design. We used the Divi page builder theme, allowing for greater flexibility and ease of updates.

A significant aspect of the project was ensuring the site was mobile-friendly. Given the increasing use of mobile devices, it was crucial that the website performs well across all platforms. We also focused on enhancing the user experience with a streamlined navigation structure and prominent displays for events and organizational updates.

Design Enhancements

The new design is colorful and engaging, reflecting the vibrant community around Buckingham Pond. We prioritized a clean and intuitive layout, making it easy for visitors to find information about events, updates, and how to get involved with the conservancy.

CiviCRM Integration

Maintaining the integration with CiviCRM was essential for the Buckingham Pond Conservancy. This powerful tool supports their membership management, donation processing, and newsletter distribution, ensuring smooth operations and effective communication with members and supporters.


Working with the Buckingham Pond Conservancy has been a rewarding experience. We are thrilled with the outcome and confident that the new website will help the conservancy better serve its community. If you are looking to upgrade your website or transition to WordPress while maintaining your site’s essence, contact us today!

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