We recently completed a wholesale revamping of the WordPress website of Niskayuna Friends of Music. The group’s website had not been entirely user- or mobile-friendly. It had been put together a number of years ago by different developer and was fine by the standards of when it was created. But just like every other type of technology, website technology changes over time, and leaving an old website in place makes the business or enterprise itself look a little bit dated.

Here’s are some items we tackled:

  • We completely revamped the site. Every page was gone over and recreated to better pursue the goals created by the group and to give the website a more friendly school-like look.
  • We replaced the complicated WooCommerce plug-in with an easier to use form plug-in that allows users to easily place orders from the comfort of their home.

The end result? A brand-new website that does justice to Niskayuna Friends of Music’s work. Check out the Niskayuna Friends of Music site here.

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