We recently completed a wholesale revamping of the WordPress website of DJ Lee Waddell. Lee’s website was a little bit long in the tooth. It was put together a number of years ago by different developer and was fine by the standards of the early 2010s. But just like every other type of technology, website technology changes over time, and leaving an old website in place makes the business itself look a little bit dated.

Here’s what we did.

First, we deployed a new theme from ElegantThemes, called Divi. Divi is more of a design platform than a theme proper. It is an incredibly flexible off-the-shelf tool that allows for the quick deployment of website that looks good on a screen of any size. (We are not paid to say that!) It offers a comprehensive array of design elements.

Next, we recommended that Lee refresh his logo. We recommended a resource for graphic artists and he was able to obtain a reasonably priced logo that captures his vibe.

Additionally, we re-created a set of online forms that Lee uses to obtain information from prospective and actual clients. We use the WordPress plug-in, Formidable Forms, for the development of forms that are both highly functional and pleasing to the eye.

Then, we recommended some changes to his navigational menu as well as to provide some additional content, so visitors can readily see the full range of services that he offers.

Finally, we upgraded Lee’s site to a secure HTTPS version. Visitors and search engines alike can now feel safer on the site.

The end result? Effectively a brand-new website that does justice to Lee’s work. Check out the DJ Lee Waddell site here.