Website Conversion Assist for New York Folklore Society

Nov 16, 2018 | Non-profit, Portfolio

We recently assisted a locally-based but state-focused non-profit to completely revamp their website. The New York Folklore Society was using a website coded as a basic HTML site. Many years old, it was neither mobile friendly nor secure. The unusual aspect of this project for us was that we had a very limited role with respect to design. Rather, we provided a platform for the organization to work on the website themselves. That was kind of fun.

We set up a staging area available only to NYFS, installed WordPress, and installed the Divi Theme by Elegant Themes along with a variety of plugins to enable special functionality on the site. Then, really all we did was provide some guidance as the organization developed the site themselves. We think they did a super job. The site is much more user-friendly and, importantly, usable on smartphones and tablets.

The New York Folklore Society opted to host their website with GoatCloud so a free SSL certificate, which enables secure browsing at HTTPS, is a free part of the package. One special part of the project was ensuring that 301 redirects were put in place so that individuals who attempted to visit pages available on the old website, but no longer available, redirected to the appropriate page on the new website. Because the old site had hundreds of pages, this effort took some elbow grease and time. Critically, the 301 redirects also help search engines to understand where the new content is on the site. We continue to provide the organization with WordPress and technical assistance as they need it.

Check out the brand new website here:

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