Working with the Champion Project, we recently completed a wholesale refresh of the website of Insight Resources, the educational consulting organization of Dr. Susan Daniels.

The site had grown a bit dated (most sites could use a refresh after 3 years or so) and was not delivering a friendly experience to mobile visitors.

We made a landing page that better illustrated the work of Dr. Daniels, as well as highlighted a new book she was publishing. In fact, it better highlights all her published books. Not just an author, Dr. Daniels is on the lecture circuit and so that service also was made more prominent on the homepage.

The site was made responsive, meaning it responds to screens of different sizes, giving a good visiting experience to all visitors regardless of device.

Dr. Daniels also opted to have GoatCloud host and maintain the website and so the site is fast, kept up to date, and delivers as an HTTPS secure site at no extra cost. Visitors and search engines alike favor HTTPS sites.

Check out Insight Resources and Dr. Daniels here.


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