We recently completed the migration of a wordpress.com website to a self-hosted WordPress website for insurance planner Daniel Alcorn. WordPress.com is a fantastic platform but it is not nearly as flexible as a website can bee using the WordPress software at one’s own website host. In this case Dan chose GoatCloud to host his migrated website. 

The look of the site remained largely unchanged. Nevertheless, Dan had a few bells and whistles that needed to be migrated along with the website content. We included embedded content from Eventbrite where Dan organizes events for the public, and also made sure that his WordPress Jetpack software plugin remained fully connected to his website. Dan likes to make use of the WordPress mobile app to publish blog posts and so we had to ensure that that works as well. Furthermore, using Jetpack Dan sends out emails to his subscribers and automatically sends updates to his Twitter and Facebook accounts. In addition, we made sure that Dan has an HTTPS secure browsing environment. Mainstream browsers now give alerts to visitors that a site is not secure if HTTP is not provided.

Check out Dan’s website at DGAlcorn.com.

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