We recently partnered with Erica Walker of Dream Digital on a project that was super fun: the revamp of the WordPress website of Washington Park Conservancy.

In addition to it being a delight to work with the volunteers of this organization, the purpose of the organization allowed us to express our inner treehugger. Who wouldn’t like helping an institution aimed at preserving public park space?

In any event, we had helped Washington Park Conservancy over a year ago as their site had inadvertently disappeared from the internet. Don’t ask. We used the Wayback Machine to find some of the old content and created at the time a very basic WordPress site. The Conservancy decided to overhaul what had existed and brought us onto help them with that.

The new site really tries to show the beauty of the park itself. It teases out information about Park features as well as Park history. It aims to get people interested in participating in the Conservancy itself. We used the Give plug-in to allow people to donate to the Conservancy. Give is linked directly to the conservancy’s PayPal account facilitating the easy recruitment of new members and continued contributions of existing members. Because the Conservancy updates the public primarily through Facebook we made sure to include the feed on the website’s homepage.

The site is of course mobile friendly and, as with any new site that is hosted by GoatCloud, we insured that a secure browsing environment is present via HTTPS.

Please check out the new website of the Washington Park Conservancy at WashingtonParkConservancy.Org. Why not make a donation while you’re at it?!

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