GoatCloud Communications LLC, an Upstate New York technology company known for technology advances, has announced a revolutionary biometric technology that intends to fundamentally change the use of passwords and privacy protection on the internet.

Cliff Rohde, the company’s principal, described the new technology, “No two people have exactly the same physique. Humans are as varied as snow flakes. We have an infinite number of permutations for how we look. This revolutionary technology seizes upon that fact and converts it into our own personal protection force field, if you will, on the net. Passwords like ‘stinky1’ are a thing of the past.”

Seeing the biometric privacy scans in action

Pictured below are examples of an individual being scanned and the results, prior to the conversion to binary information. The scans will be created into a digitized passcode safely stored on an individual’s computer or phone. When a website seeks to identify who an individual is it will connect to the device, via a standard USB cable, scan the individual, and confirm via reference to the stored passcode that the individual is who they claim to be.


Rohde provides additional details (and one minor caveat) in the video below:

More information about the biometric privacy scan device

The device is slated for public release on April 1, 2017 at a cost of $99.99. More information on this technology is available online here.

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