Revamped Mobile Friendly Website for Denison Farm

Dec 9, 2016 | Agriculture, Local Biz, Portfolio

We recently completed a WordPress website revamp for Denison Farm. Denison Farm offers a fantastic community-supported agriculture (CSA) program that delivers fresh, organic produce to the region. If you are into that sort of thing, and we certainly are, you should check out Denison Farm.

Their new website is mobile-friendly. It responds to screen size. Making sure that a website functions well on smartphones is absolutely required in 2017. It’s the kind of thing that people take for granted now until they come across a website that doesn’t work so well on a phone. Because phones are an almost natural extension of ourselves now, if we want to reach people, we have to make sure that we can reach them well on their phone.

We also eliminated the e-commerce platform that the site had previously used to allow people to sign up for the CSA program. Instead, we moved to a simple form using Formidable Forms with built-in logic allowing a person to choose the type of share they want — vegetable, fruit, and/or eggs– and where in the community they want to pick it up. Because pricing changes as selections are made, the form needed to add it all up dynamically and then send the visitor to PayPal to complete the transaction. It’s a much simpler process now, and the site no longer has the look of an e-commerce site, with shopping cart and all the rest. At the moment an e-commerce platform is simply unnecessary.

We also reorganized the some 400 recipes on the site so that they were easier to access and displayed more attractively. We added a search bar that will look through only the recipes themselves. There are many delicious dishes to choose from!

Because the farm makes considerable use of Facebook, we added a Facebook feed right to the  home page. We also were able to deploy substantial imagery taken from the farm itself. There is nothing quite so beautiful as a farm in production and the produce that comes from it. We facilitated the social sharing of Farm content, too.

We also provide website hosting and our managed care service to ensure that site software is up-to-date, that the site is backed up, and to troubleshoot any technical problems. Basically we love working with Denison Farm.

Check out the new website for Denison Farm along with all the good information and produce available from the farm.

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