Brand new WordPress website for Veterinarian Roger Blankfein

We recently completed a WordPress website for Dr. Roger Blankfein, an in-home euthanasia veterinarian. Dr. Roger believes in a comfortable and painless end to your pet’s suffering. He has helped scores of Capital Region families as they confront the end of life of their trusty, loved companions. His many online testimonials pay tribute to his caring way.

While Dr. Roger’s previous site had both mobile and desktop versions, they were each on a separate domain, and the overall experience was neither terribly user friendly nor responsive. Making the site mobile friendly was a major focus, so that Dr. Roger could make viewing the site as easy as possible during times of need.

We also imbued the site with on-page search engine optimization (SEO) attributes to make the site more accessible to search engines and, in turn, searchers. Such work included adding SEO titles and meta descriptions, and optimizing images.

Along with the site overhaul, we provide Dr. Blankfein with email and website hosting, and helped him to organize his AdWords campaign. Online advertising is an increasingly important tool used to get found online.

If your faithful companion needs end of life services, you may wish to contact Dr. Roger for peaceful, in-home pet euthanasia.


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