We recently created a site for Osprey Software to promote its “Actionable Intelligence” business line. Osprey is a major software company, providing services to some of the largest companies in the world.

The site is a simple brochure site. It is easy to navigate, mobile friendly, and capably and attractively describes the company’s offerings.

We previously had cleaned up, updated and started hosting Osprey’s primary website.

Update October 2016: We substantially updated the look and navigation of Osprey’s primary site and its Software Development site. Working with the company’s marketing team, and at their direction, we created two websites with a similar look and feel, but distinct so as to distinguish product lines. We deployed techniques such as link canonicalization to make sure search engines would not punish the sites for having duplicate content.

Update March 2018: Oprey has since revamped its OAI site internally. We are delighted that Osprey has chosen GoatCloud to host and provide managed WordPress services for each of its websites.

Visit the Osprey Software sites:

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