Lisa Weber, Niskayuna NY Town Board Candidate, has a brand new online presence

We recently completed a couple of assignments for Lisa Weber, who is running for a spot on the Town Board of Niskayuna, NY. First, we put together a very simple, useful website.  Lisa can use it to raise funds, get volunteers, sign people up for email blasts, and of course, spread the message of why she’s running for office. There is no handier way to let a great number of people know about your campaign than by having a website. While you are sleeping (instead of campaigning), it’s still going to work for you. Just because you are asleep doesn’t mean the voters are!  Of course the site is completely mobile friendly, so anyone anywhere can get the latest information about the campaign. Check it out (and Lisa’s candidacy) at!

Second, we put together a basic Facebook page for Lisa’s candidacy. This is to be distinguished from her personal page. Like a business Facebook page, the candidate’s Facebook page is about the public persona. Save the cat videos for personal friends! The public wants to know about the campaign and relevant election issues. Both the Facebook page and website are integrated. You can easily get to one from the other. It’s not a duplication of efforts, however. Many people spend a lot of time on Facebook and so, as a candidate, you simply have to have a Facebook presence. Facebook as a standalone presents some nice opportunities to advertise as well as to organize events.

The bottom line here is that in a modern election you have to press the flesh of course, but you also have to work those keyboards. Your digital presence will matter in the voting booth.

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