We recently revamped the WordPress website for Indian Ladder Farms based in Altamont, NY. For locals who don’t know the Farm, get out there today!. It has a beautiful and welcoming setting. The people are terrifically friendly. And equally important, the produce (pick your own apples and berries!) and cider donuts can’t be beat. There’s always something to do on the Farm. Go do it.

Now to the website. We implemented a number of improvements to the site. We deployed search engine optimization (SEO), both from a technology and a content perspective, on the site to get more people to find the site online. If you’re going to have a website, you want people to find it, yes? We changed the theme, which gives a WordPress site its look and feel, to a premium one from ElegantThemes that permits tremendous design flexibility. Furthermore, the theme is indigenously responsive, meaning it responds to screens of all sizes or is “mobile-ready”. As more and more people abandon laptops and desktops for internet browsing in favor of smartphones and tablets, having a mobile-ready site is paramount. We also put into place security and performance software to keep the bad guys out and permit faster browsing for the good guys (and gals). ILF has hired GoatCloud to manage and monitor the site. We are always vigilant of site health, which you should be, too, with respect to your site. We like Google Webmaster Tools for this purpose. Like most of our clients, ILF would prefer to spend time running the business rather than running its website and online presence(yet knows that just like the former, the latter cannot be ignored). We continue to help the Farm to enhance its online presence generally.

Designing a website requires wearing both creative and technical hats. If you are thinking about using someone to develop your website, make sure they are capable in both realms. A technically deficient website, just like a website that fails to communicate your message to your target audience, will fail to assist your business.

We love the new site for Indian Ladder Farms and hope you do, too. But don’t just visit the website. Go visit the Farm. You won’t be disappointed. (And by the way, we made location and hours of operation front and center on the site. For any business with a retail location, that’s mission critical.)

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