New WordPress website for Nott Street Office in Niskayuna

Mar 27, 2014 | Local Biz, Portfolio

We designed a brand-new website for Nott Street Office in Niskayuna, New York. Nott Street Office is a local business that serves local businesses, by providing copying, printing, shipping, supplies, and virtually any other need that a small business may have. Indeed, we are a customer ourselves. On top of that, the staff is really friendly (and even bakes cookies for customers on Fridays!).

They had been stuck with a GoDaddy Website Builder site. It’s not that we have anything in particular against GoDaddy. However, Website Builder is very limited. Design options, number of pages, how such sites look on a mobile device… all these attributes and more demonstrate why the service is so cheap. It is not the first Website Builder site that we have converted to WordPress, and it will doubtfully be the last.

We deployed a theme from Elegant Themes. Not only is the theme elegant in its simplicity, but it is fast, flexible, designed for mobile (“responsive”), and easy to update. Nott Street Office is ready to use their new site not only to take copy and print orders and to provide package tracking information, but they will also soon have a blog and a website section featuring specials. We are providing training to staff so they easily add or modify site content. We also host the site and provide “managed care”, assuring that the site always has the latest software, is backed up, functioning as it should, and reasonably secure from attack.

If you are looking for a local business that truly helps other businesses to thrive, check out Nott Street Office, both online and off. You won’t be disappointed.

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