We love to help nonprofits. Indeed, we got our start in the not-for-profit world. So we could not have been any happier to assist a new, vibrant environmental nonprofit from New Hampshire to develop a brand-new online look.

The Post-Landfill Action Network, or PLAN for short, is a student movement aimed at controlling if not eliminating waste on campuses nationwide. They started organically as a student initiative at the University of New Hampshire, and are taking their knowledge, organizing skills, and leadership training nationwide. Expect to hear big things from PLAN as time goes on.

PLAN had been using a squarespace website. Squarespace and other similar services, like weebly, wix and hibu, offer a relatively easy way to get your presence online. Unfortunately, those types of services are less flexible and, at the end of the day, not necessarily any cheaper than deploying a self-hosted WordPress website.

A fast, mobile-ready website with online community functionality for a growing non-profit

We deployed just that for PLAN. We have to give a shout out to Elegant Themes, the makers of the WordPress theme that we deployed. The theme, Divi, is fast, flexible, beautiful, and mobile ready. (Props as well to Marcom4, which is helping PLAN with branding issues and introduced us to the organization.)

Site launch coincided with a very popular website’s link to PLAN, resulting in unexpected traffic to the PLAN site. We immediately deployed a content delivery network or CDN to ensure fast loading speeds for visitors despite the traffic surge.

We are creating for PLAN as part of its website an online community for PLAN members, where they can discuss issues of common concern regardless of the campus they are on. PLAN’s website is being transformed from a simple online brochure to an active community of users. It is truly an honor to be a partner in this endeavor.

We encourage you to check out PLAN today. If you are a college student, set up a chapter on your campus, and get started making a zero waste world a real possibility!

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