We’ve recently taken to using video quite a bit both to promote the business as well as to respond to client requests for assistance. Video is, in a word, awesome!

Use Video to Help Your Clients

To help clients, we’ve been using Google Hangouts to record an “on air” hangout. (There are many options. Skip to end for a list of low cost or free services.) The video is primarily a screen share with a voice over. In that way, we can step clients through the resolution to an issue they are experiencing. We save the hangout as a private video on YouTube and share the link with the client. Here are some of the advantages we love about this approach:

  1. the client has something to go back to if the question resurfaces;
  2. the tutorial can be shared in-house with as many people as the client wants whenever the client wants;
  3. the client is not wedded to my time schedule for tech support;
  4. there is no need to arrange a set time with the client when we can both sit down simultaneously in front of computer monitors, and no kludgy “remote control” of the client’s computer.

We think it’s very efficient, and GoatCloud clients seem to be responding favorably.

Use Video Reach Prospective Clients

We’ve also been broadcasting regular half-hour tutorials -available to the public- on a variety of internet marketing and online presence issues. These Google Hangouts on Air are conducted live and a recording is available on YouTube. We’ve completed tutorials recently on email newsletters, pay per click advertising and WordPress basics. Come checkout our next Hangout.

Video Outreach Is Easy and Affordable or Free

The beauty of modern video technology is that it’s essentially free to put together and broadcast these types of videos, and the investment needed (perhaps a webcam, a microphone) for hardware is negligible. Put your thinking cap on. What can you provide to clients or potential clients in video form? Not everyone likes to read words. Some like to watch moving pictures. Serve those people! How can you do it? Try these services:

Free and Low Cost Online Video and Meeting Services

  1. Google Hangouts
  2. Skype
  3. MeetingBurner
  4. Mikogo
  5. Zoho Meeting
  6. JoinMe

How do you use video to reach your customers and potential customers? Share your tips in the comment section below.