Friday, February 28, 2014, at 12 noon Eastern.

Topic: Learn the basics of WordPress. What is thing called WordPress? How to I start my blog or website using WordPress? Basics of core software, themes, plugins. We will answer the immortal question of What Would Justin Bieber Do (#WWJBD)? Answer: He would (and does) have a WordPress website.

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WordPress Basics Presentation Outline

  1. v. – we’re talking
    1. Content Management System or CMS – it is a system used to manage the content on your website
    2. A WordPress website is an ever changing jigsaw puzzle of software pieces
      1. Core software
      2. Theme – giving site look and feel
      3. Plugins – added functionality – e.g., security, performance, backup, social engagement and much more
  2. Why use WordPress?
    1. Free – open source software
    2. Easy, even intuitive to use. Like word processing
    3. Popular. So lots of added features from a huge community of supporters and users
    4. Flexible. Lots of functionality.
    5. Scalable – site can start small and grow over time
    6. Friendly to search engines
    7. Easily responsive
  3. What you need to start
    1. Domain registered with registrar
    2. Domain host – must permit WordPress installations. Virtually all do.
  4. What you need to remember
    1. Software gets updated. Update your software!
    2. Backup regularly, and certainly before any major update
    3. Install security plugins and tweaks to keep the bad guys out
    4. Design your site so it is easy to navigate.
    5. Make sure your site is responsive.

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