Did you upload an image to WordPress but forgot to size it appropriately before you did? Do you need to scale or crop an image that you have already uploaded to WordPress?

Well, it’s not so hard to edit images in WordPress. We don’t usually recommend editing images and WordPress, because the process is a little kludgy and slow. Rather, we would recommend that you size and edit images in a photo editing software prior to uploading the image to WordPress. We use Gimp, which is a free open-source and capable piece of software. There are many others out there, free or not.

But anyway, let’s say that you already did upload the image, but you need to edit it. It can be done! Learn how by watching our video below.

Photo credit: Stilleven met bloemen in een kristallen vaas, Gerardina Jacoba van de Sande Bakhuyzen, 1850 – 1880

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