New website for Niska-Day

We just helped the good people of the Niskayuna  Community Action Program (N-CAP) to revamp the website for Niska-Day.

Niska day is a three-decade old community event celebrating life in the small town of Niskayuna in upstate New York. N-CAP is so good at it, many residents believe that the town itself puts on this event rather than it being organized by the not-for-profit N-CAP.

The Niska-Day site previously had been a simple Go Daddy site builder site. Those sites are substantially limited. Limitations  include how much content you can post and formatting alternatives. N-CAP wanted a site that could grow with the event, and provide additional valuable information to sponsors and participants.

At the same time, as a non-profit, N-CAP wanted to develop a low cost alternative that still allowed for search engine optimization (SEO), flexibility, security, and ease of use. Also, they wanted a responsive design the ensured the site looks good on screens of all sizes.

N-CAP chose and we deployed a very basic free WordPress theme produced by the same people who make the WordPress software. The site is nothing fancy, but it allows visitors to quickly get to all the information they might need about the annual event.

As part of the conversion, we made sure that visitors to the former site’s pages would  automatically get redirected to the appropriate page on the new site. That process of “redirection” ensures that the site does not lose any search engine love, and that visitors do not land on a “dead” page that no longer exists (the dreaded “404” error).

If you are looking for something fun to do in the middle of May, come on over to Niska-Day! You won’t be disappointed.

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