New website for Ambition Bistro in Schenectady

Oct 21, 2013 | Local Biz, Portfolio, Restaurant

The Challenge: Ambition is a funky little  bistro in downtown Schenectady. Its owner, Marc Renson, is an aficionado of fun: celebrities, good food, music, shows. He’s also a bit of a showman, and a published author, himself. Our challenge was to create a website -from scratch- that suits Ambition’s, and Marc’s personality. Marc had had numerous bad experiences with prior web developers and so part of our job was to show him that there are reliable developers willing to work with their clients and deliver what they promise.

The Solution: We developed a WordPress website using Elegant Themes’ Nexus theme. The site is highly functional, attractive, SEO enabled, and responsive. It looks good on screens of all sizes. It loads fast and of course we installed security software to help keep the bad guys at bay. Marc opted for our our managed hosting solution so he doesn’t have to worry about software updates or backups, either. The site has a tabloid feel to it, which permits description of all the celebrities that come calling on Ambition (often after stops at the local Proctors theater), as well as allows Marc to “dish” on the unusual antics of individuals he comes across. All in a day’s work. We integrated his existing social media accounts, including those focusing on restaurant reviews. We created a calendar using a free plug in so Ambition could promote the many events it hosts. Eventually we anticipate giving Ambition a splash page, in keeping with Marc’s love of pizzazz.


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