The Challenge: A new website site for The K-Heads, a southern Delaware folk rock duo

The southern Delaware folk duo The K-Heads had no website. They needed one. They wanted something really simple and functional, basically an ability to showcase their music and let people know how to contact them to set up gigs. They don’t anticipate doing the social media thing. Really, they just like to play their music and want people to know about it. (Would the social media thing help in that regard? Absolutely, but it’s not really The K-Heads’ bag.)

The Solution: A simple, attractive, easy to navigate WordPress website

We put together a simple four-page WordPress website: Home, contact, listen and about. A simple as their enjoyable harmonies.

The K-HeadsWhile a static html site could have worked, WordPress allows for growth down the road.They will be able to add a blog or social media integration if they change their minds about “the social media thing”.

We used pictures of the duo playing live as the backdrop for each page. We borrowed from artwork on one of their CDs to make a colorful logo that catches the eye.

We host the site so they know they will have easy access to technical support if anything goes wrong (it shouldn’t!). We also set up for them a redirect from a domain they still own (and used to use) for a band name they no longer go by, so that visitors to the old domain will automatically find them at their new online home.

The K-Heads new website contains the necessary security and performance software, of course, reducing the risk of hacking, and improving site performance for visitors (this is something that search engines prefer as well). We also optimized the site for search.

We of course made sure the site is responsive and looks great on screens of all sizes, including smartphones and tablets like the iPad.

We also introduced the band to SoundCloud, which is just a terrific venue for musicians. Importantly a “set list” from SoundCloud was made to play on The K-Heads new site. Just go to # to see what we mean, and enjoy the tunes from this unique and back-to-roots folk duo. Better still, go catch them live in southern Delaware one day!