Perhaps you have multiple email accounts. Not so unusual – work, home, maybe you run a side business or club. Those emails can add up.

It’s easy to have Gmail manage them all for you. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Log into your primary Gmail account.
  2. Go to Options | Mail settings (click on the gear logo upper right portion of your screen).
  3. Choose “Accounts” tab.
  4. Mid way down the screen, click on the “Add another email address you own” link.
  5. A pop up box will prompt you to enter your real name and the secondary email address. Do that.
  6. A message box will ask you if you want to send the mail through the servers of the primary email address. That is the easier selection.
  7. Gmail will prompt you to send a verification to the secondary email address. Do that.
  8. Check your secondary email address for the verification code. (Best to do that in a different browser so you don’t inadvertently exit out of your primary email account.)
  9. Enter the verification code in the pop up box. If you don’t do it here, you can close the pop up; find the secondary account  in the Settings | Accounts tab, click on the “verify” link and the verification code.
  10. That’s it! Now you can send email within your primary account, either as your primary account or your secondary account.
  11. Have more than one secondary account? No problem! You can add multiple secondary accounts.

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