Even ace online presence sherpas can go down the wrong path and create online services glitches. Fortunately, they can also find the trail and fix them.

I registered my domain with GoDaddy. I like their services and customer support.

I then had Google Apps Free working seamlessly. The email app is simply non-paralleled. At the same time, I was using the Google Sites app to develop my site. Google Sites ultimately proved to be too rigid. I opted to move my site to wordpress.com, buying the inexpensive upgrade to have my site viewable to the world as rohdeo.com rather than rohdeo.wordpress.com. For an entrepreneur concerned about branding, the need for one’s own domain should be evident.

Moving to wordpress.com requires appointing wordpress name servers to host the site. Unfortunately, this process effectively killed my Google Apps arrangement, eliminating my ability to receive most emails.

All is not lost, however. The steps I took to resurrect my email through Google Apps were not terribly difficult:

  1. I deleted my Google Apps account. This can take up to five days to take effect. And indeed, even though the deletion of Apps seemed instantaneous, it took five days before Google permitted me to re-establish Google Apps.
  2. I followed the Domain mapping/custom DNS instructions provided by WordPress.
  3. Voila! Google Apps re-activated and email arriving again.