Computers using the Windows operating system tend to slow down over time. Here’s how you can tune up your PC and get it back to “full speed ahead”.

As with any PC tune up, it is advisable to first create a Windows “restore” point so that you can go back in time, if necessary, to a point where you know your PC was operating, even if not so quickly.  Follow these

Six Simple Steps to Tune Up Your Windows-based PC

  1. Create a Windows restore point. There are different ways to do this depending on what flavor of Windows you have. Search online for “windows create restore point” and follow the instructions for your version of Windows.
  2. Run an anti-malware program. I like to use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. It’s free and easy and does a bang up job. Get rid of malware the program identifies. After the process is complete, reboot your PC.
  3. Update Windows. When complete, reboot and create a Windows restore point. Configure future updates to run automatically.
  4. Use a “registry cleaner” program to clean up your Windows registry. I have used with success Eusing Free Registry Cleaner and Iobit’s free version of Advanced System Care. There are others. When complete, reboot and create a Windows restore point.
  5. Ensure you have a current anti-virus program. I use AVG Free, Avast and Microsoft Security Essentials. All free. Install the software and run a complete scan of your computer. When complete, reboot and create a Windows restore point.
  6. Defragment the hard drive. Over time your hard drive becomes fragmented, which slows the pace at which files open and close, which in turns slows programs down. Iobit’s solution contains a defragmenter. Most Windows versions have a built-in defragmenting accessory software. There are a variety of free defraggers out there. Find a popular reliable one at CNET Downloads. When complete, reboot and create a Windows restore point.

Voila! If you haven’t undertaken these seven steps previously, you are likely to see a boost in PC performance.

What are your favorite tricks to boost PC performance?

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