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Chances are you got here one of two ways:

Maybe you snapped a picture of that little box o’ squiggles on the Union Cafe placemat. Those squiggles are otherwise known as a Quick Response (QR) code.  QR codes enable advertisers to quickly get individuals to an online location of choice. Snap a picture and your phone takes you there, snippety snap. (Here’s a cartoon about quick response codes.)

Or, you may have typed the “goatcloud.com/cafe” URL into your browser, either while looking at the Union Cafe placemat, or maybe you jotted down the webpage for later perusal. Either way, we’re psyched your here.

And either way, you ended up the page we were hoping you’d visit. We love that! (If you got here another way, we’re still glad you’re here.)

This exercise demonstrates the value of targeted online advertising. We know by what means you probably got here. We track the number of visits to this page. (Don’t worry, we’re not actually tracking you, personally!) So we know whether the ad is working or not. If it’s not, well, maybe we need to change the wording next time and see if that works better.

We can help you to put targeted ad campaigns like this together. But that’s not all. Look through this site. There’s also a whole lot more we can do, including:

And more! So what are you waiting for? Give us a call at 518-557-7613.

But please, by all means wait till you finish your meal.

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